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Doing the right thing and sticking together
By Bob Dion / Branch 212 President

We had our union meeting on Thursday August 10th and I personally want to thank all my brother and sister carriers for voting for Vice President Lynne Wheeler and Secretary/Treasurer Maria Cayer for paying them both for the National Rap Session and the Education training we went to. It was the right thing to do like in the past. So, if anyone is trying to send a message to me you are sadly mistaken because I am entitled to go. Our Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer deserve our respect and I feel they were disrespected at our last meeting. Whether you realize it or not, you showed your true colors.

I am about doing the right thing, that is why I was elected President and I am proud to represent all of my brothers and sisters, please do not forget that. I am not perfect and I do make mistakes, but I learn from mistakes and I move forward as always and I always ask myself: what is the right thing? The right thing to do is when you lose an election you don’t go to the National Convention even though you are entitled to go, the incoming officer goes on the unions dollar seeing that they will be in office for the next term.

If you do go to the convention you go to all the classes/General Sessions and you do not do what you want to do on our dime because that isn’t the right thing to do. My point being is people in glass houses should never throw stones, and for the record, the books are never closed, they can always be reopened. In the past, former Presidents have sent carriers for educational purposes with no voting. However, I did mention at the last union meeting about Vice President Lynne Wheeler and myself going to formal A training in September/October to better our branch on the grievance procedure and Secretary/Treasurer Maria Cayer going to training on our finances as well.

If anyone has a problem with this feel free to voice your opinion at the next union meeting Thursday, September 14th. I love this union and I will always be about doing the right thing, as long as I am your President. I will not be going to the COP which is next month, I am entitled to go as it states in the Branch Bylaws because of formal A training that I will be going to in October.

As far as our money goes, anytime somebody wants to run something feel free to do so and I am up for whatever suggestions you have or may want to do. There was talk before about running a clam/lobster party, etc. So just make a motion on it at our next meeting.

Golf tournament

Our Branch 212 golf tournament is next month September 17th at 11 AM at Far Corner Golf Course in Boxford Ma. I need your foursomes and your money in to me by September 8th the latest. The cost is 50 dollars for union members of Branch 212 with the branch paying 50 dollars and non-union members pay 100 dollars.  It includes sausage sub at the turn, steak and chicken dinner at the end and 1 alcoholic drink or nonalcoholic drink and prizes for closest to the pin, longest drive, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the tournament. It will be a great time so please come and enjoy with friends and coworkers.

Special inspections

Parcels are not going away so you need to put in for special inspections in writing if you feel your route is over, it is that simple; 3 days of overtime for 6 weeks and you will qualify for a special inspection. I personally think the whole office should be inspected for sure and I tried but I cannot make that decision, so all we have is the special inspection. If we get enough carriers to put in for it, if you qualify, then maybe we will get the office inspected. So, the ball is in our court and that is special inspections.

On-the-job injuries

If you get hurt on the job or from the job which 95% of us do from wear and tear on the body on how hard we work every day with the parcels, report it right away. Traumatic injury CA1, occupational injury CA2 and A Reoccurrence injury CA2A. If you have a problem with management not giving you the proper paperwork you can download the form you need right from our website, clicking on the FORMS tab from the top menu, or see Buff, Lynne, or myself and we will make sure you get what you need.

Also, if you have any problems with management not paying you, moving you off your swing, berating you or disrespecting you as well, see shop steward Brian Bufagna ASAP or Vice President Lynne Wheeler or myself. We are here for all of you no matter what our differences are.

Grievances are being filed

Also, as far as grievances go I said it in the past: we will file the appropriate grievances and we are filing grievances. There are pending overtime grievances and 0 tolerance policy. As far as carriers working off their swings, if you volunteer there will be no grievance. So, my point is, do not go off your swing. Also remember that we have 14 carriers off during prime time and 8 carriers out hurt, keep that in mind. However, it doesn’t give management the right to violate the contract at will. So, trust us and we will file the article 8's but you all have to help us win these grievances. Statements and 3996’s win grievances.

Lunch & breaks

In closing please take your Lunch every day and your 2 ten-minute breaks and your comfort stops as needed and… stop working for free. Please, stop working off the clock. End it right now because it is going to hurt you when you get inspected. Remember, I have all your backs and I hope you all have my back and all of our branch officers support as well, because we know our jobs and we will never do anything to hurt you. It is us and them. Unfortunately, that is how it has to be.

In solidarity,

Bob Dion

In response to this article:

By Tom Wright

You are right that we need to stay together as a union, but your assumptions that George Hatem disrespected Lynn and Maria are totally wrong. Read more

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