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How do you like your pay raise?
By Lynne Wheeler

By now, I bet you've noticed the increase in your yearly salary. Nice, huh? In September 2014, the 4th cost of living adjustment (COLA) kicked in; it was $686, annually. For most, the contractual increase that will take effect starting in November 2014 is $1227.00.

Is there any percentage of that amount you would be willing to put towards attempting to make sure the contractual increases and cost of living adjustments continue?

How about spending a few minutes one time and about the price of one medium ice coffee per week, and be done with it? Do you think about 10% of that contractual increase is an amount you would be willing to part with?

I hope so, because I'd like to challenge every member of Branch 212 to step up and think about joining in the Committee on Letter Carrier Political Education (COLCPE) "gimme 5" campaign. That means an automatic payroll deduction of $5 per pay period, or an annual amount of $130.00, just over 10% of that $1227.00 contractual increase. You sign up once and done, no checks to write, payments to mail, etc.

Is it worth it to you to invest in your future? Do you want to financially support the politicians that listen to us, vote the way we need them to, and look out for our best interests. Let's face it, the politicians have the power to make or break about making them listen...with the universal language everyone pays attention to....CASH!!

COLCPE is a Letter Carriers Political Action Fund. That is a branch of the union whose purpose is to support the politicians that are favorable to our future, and NOT support the ones that want to run the Postal Service into the ground. If you have questions, concerns or need help figuring out how to sign up, please see me and I'll be more than willing to assist you. I will be available before or after work if you want help signing up for payroll deduction, and at this month’s union meeting, next week, Thursday, November 13. If you aren't sure yet about payroll deduction, you can make a onetime donation of any amount that we will send in as a branch donation, I will begin the group collection at the union meeting.

With caring and concern,
Lynne Wheeler

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